Councillors & Committees

The current council was elected in 2015.

Ian Hill

Matt Reid

Roger Beattie

Jeremy Bell

Ian Hill Matt Reid Roger Beattie Jeremy Bell
Chair (Full Council), Planning, Strategy, Operations, Finance, Pavilion Vice-Chair (Full Council), Planning, NPSC, Strategy (Chair), Finance Strategy (Vice-Chair), Operations, Finance, Pavilion, Town Hall Trustee Body Planning (Chair), NPSC (Chair)
19 Couching Street

20 Spring Lane

2 Blenheim Road, Shirburn;  614035

2 Beech Close

Tom Bindoff


Terry Jackson

Fergus Lapage

Tom Bindoff Rachel Huckvale Terry Jackson
Fergus Lapage
(Co-opted March 2017)
Planning, Strategy, Operations (Vice-Chair), NPSC Operations Planning, Strategy, Operations, NPSC, Town Hall Trustee Body Planning, Strategy, Finance, Operations 
23 Brook Street
47 Brook Street
44 Brook Street
28 Old School Place

Nicky Smallbone



Fiona Paterson
(Co-opted Dec 2016)
Nicky Smallbone
(Co-opted Aug 2016)
Rob Smith
(Co-opted March 2017)

Steph Van de Pette
(Co-opted Sept 2016) 


Operations, Strategy Finance, Operations, Pavilion  Planning, Strategy Strategy, Finance, NPSC
Flat, 30 High Street
9 Allnut Close
36 Ash Close
18 Ash Close

Bob West

Tony Williamson

Bob West Tony Williamson
 Planning, Operations (Chair), Town Hall Trustee Body  Operations, Finance (Chair), Strategy, NPSC, Town Hall Trustee Body
25 Church Street
9 The Googs

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If you wish to send an email to a specific Councillor please contact the Parish Office marking your e-mail for their attention.

County Councillor Steve Harrod steve.harrod@oxfordshire.gov.uk 01844 278 068
District Councillor Anna Badcock annabadcock1@gmail.com
07733 111 554


Terms of reference for all committees are available here  (Due for review and revisions April 2017) 

Full Council - ratifies decision from sub-committees, and deals with matters agreed to be Full Council issues such as Standing Orders. Receives reports from other bodies such as Oxfordshire County Council, South Oxfordshire District Council or Thames Valley Police, as well as from local groups initiated by the Parish Council but not operating as sub-committees of the council. Can create sub-committees, advisory committees and steering groups as needed.

Operations Committee - deals with operational matters already agreed by Full Council, including alterations to them and monitoring progress. Committee will generate programme of work for caretaker. Management of parish assets including green spaces. Annually reviewing risk assessment.

Finance Committee - responsible for strategic financial planning. Deals with capital expenditure and significant increases in other expenditure or reduction of income and deals with annual issues preparing budgets for Full Council. Also manages annual audit, insurance, staff salaries, precept and any unplanned expenditure.

Planning Committee - assess and comments on planning applications made within the Parish. Makes recommendation on Annual Parish Planning Award.

Strategy Committee - considers new issues that require additional input outside of Full Council. Responds to consultations. Identifies potential grant funding for projects.

Allotments Committee - this committee consists of allotment holders on behalf of the Parish Council.

Pavilion Committee - this is a combined committee consisting of four councillors and four representatitives of the Sports Club. It is responsible for management of the pavilion and the sports field.

In addition to these standing committees, the Parish Council creates Advisory Committees or Steering Groups with responsibility for a specific project or activity. The current project committees are listed below.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee - the NPSC meets monthly to oversee the work of the Neighbourhood Plan Forum. For more information on the progress of the plan, see the NP website at http://www.watlingtonnp.org.uk/