Events Diary for November 2017

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Weekly Events

DayEventVenueStart TimeFinish Time
SundayBootcampWatlington Recreation Ground09:0010:00
SundayRunning SessionsWatlington Recreation Ground10:0011:00
SundayTennis Club SessionsWatlington Club10:0012:00
MondayYogaWatlington Club09:1510:15
MondayLifestride FitnessWatlington Club09:3010:30
MondayPilates - mixed abilityWatlington Club09:3010:30
MondayTotal Body BurnPavilion10:3011:30
MondayPre & Post Natal Pilates Baby friendlyWatlington Club10:4511:45
MondayCub and Scouts Pavilion18:1520:30
MondayAerobicsWatlington Town Hall18:3019:30
MondayMens YogaWatlington Club19:0019:30
MondayBody Rock - fun exercise classWatlington Club19:3020:15
MondayPilates - mixed abilityAbbey Sports Centre Berinsfield20:2021:15
TuesdayTai Chi - Over 50sWatlington Club10:1511:15
TuesdayWTFC - Under 9s FootballPavilion15:4516:45
TuesdayWTFC - Girls 12-14 Yrs FootballPavilion16:4517:45
TuesdayAerobicsWatlington Town Hall17:3018:30
TuesdayWTFC - First Team FootballPavilion17:4519:45
TuesdayYouth ClubPavilion18:3020:30
TuesdayMartial Arts - AdultsWatlington Club18:3019:30
TuesdayWatlington Netball ClubIcknield Community College 19:4521:00
TuesdayWTFC - Ladies FootballPavilion20:0021:00
WednesdayMusical MayhemPavilion10:0011:00
WednesdaySingingWatlington Club16:0017:15
WednesdayCATkids - Childrens DramaWatlington Club16:0017:45
WednesdayWTFC - Under 7s FootballPavilion18:0018:45
WednesdayTennis Club sessionsWatlington Club18:3020:15
WednesdayZumbaWatlington Club18:5020:00
WednesdayWTFC - Veterans FootballPavilion19:0021:00
WednesdayTai ChiWatlington Club20:0021:30
WednesdayWednesday Night Ladies DartsPavilion21:0021:45
ThursdayUndercroft Fruit and VegUndercroft Town Hall08:3014:30
ThursdayMobile Van with fresh fish from GrimsbyUndercroft Town Hall08:3011:30
ThursdayAerobicsWatlington Town Hall09:1510:30
ThursdayConditioning CircuitsWatlington Recreation Ground09:3010:30
ThursdayCitizens Advice BureauCommunity Office 10:0012:00
ThursdaySenior YogaWatlington Club10:0011:00
ThursdayYogaWatlington Club15:0016:00
ThursdayDance Club Pavilion15:3017:30
ThursdayBallet/Tap/ Modern Dance -Various ClassesWatlington Club16:0020:00
ThursdayWTFC - Under 8s FootballWatlington Recreation Ground17:0018:00
ThursdayWTFC - Under 12s FootballWatlington Recreation Ground18:0019:00
ThursdayAerobicsWatlington Town Hall18:3019:30
ThursdayJazz BlackWatlington Club20:0021:00
ThursdayDance AdultWatlington Club21:0022:00
FridayAerobicsWatlington Town Hall09:1510:15
FridayLifestride Fitness Pyrton Village Hall09:3010:30
FridayOver 60's CircuitsWatlington Club10:0011:00
FridayWTFC - 9-11yr old girls footballWatlington Recreation Ground16:0017:00
FridayWTFC - Under 14s footballWatlington Recreation Ground17:0018:00
FridayWTFC - Under 16s footballWatlington Recreation Ground18:0019:00
FridayFriday Night Darts / Aunt SallyPavilion20:3021:30
SaturdayUndercroft Fruit and VegUndercroft Town Hall08:3014:30
SaturdayYogaWatlington Club09:0009:30
SaturdayBallet - Various Classes Watlington Club09:2015:00
SaturdayWTFC - Under 10s FootballWatlington Recreation Ground09:3010:30

Events for November 2017

DateEventVenueStart TimeFinish Time
04/11/2017Friends of Watlington HillAbbey Sports Centre Berinsfield10:00 
11/11/2017A talk by Tom Fort - Author of The Village NewsLewknor Village Hall14:45